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$8.00 – Lustery Discount (Save 68%)

$8.00 – Lustery Discount (Save 68%)

So, what’s the deal with –you may ask. Well, I’ll be more than happy to tell you! At long last, I’ve come across a site that’s 100% real. What do I mean by real? Ok, so, the internet ...

$14.95 – Ed Powers Discount (Save 51%)

-52% $14.95 – Ed Powers Discount (Save 51%)

Once upon a time, a geeky looking white dude with a ponytail, mustache, and glasses named Ed Powers shot to fame in the porn industry for his Dirty Debutantes series, which began in the early ...

$14.95 $29.99

$10.00 – Cum On Wives Discount (Save 67%)

-66% $10.00 – Cum On Wives Discount (Save 67%)

If you are lucky enough to be married to a real life “cum slut,” then you probably don’t need this discount to Cum On Wives, nor do you need to be watching all that much porn in general. (Yeah, ...

From $10.00 $29.96