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Here’s an example for you: Megan Holly is a gorgeous blue-eyed babe with blonde hair and braces. “So, how do you feel this foster situation is going,” asks the therapist. Her patients are Megan’s foster parents. “Completely frustrating” answers the foster mom. “Well, she’s getting older, and she feels that she would like to start being treated as more of an adult,” says the therapist, who’s also been seeing Megan as a patient. Then she adds, “Are you aware that she’s sexually active?” The outraged foster mom yells out, “What????”

Now, this is where it gets really weird. When you hit play on the video, you think, “OK, here’s another perverted family crossing the line and getting “handsy” with each other. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. The perverted character here turns out to be the therapist. She manipulates them into exploring each other sexually, making up some bullshit psychological explanation for it. She brainwashes them with her professional terms and vocabulary, but what she really wants is to witness a step-family threesome right in front of her eyes, right then and there in her office.

Long story short, foster mom undresses foster daughter while foster dad watches. The therapist is definitely watching, too. She’s getting off on this stuff! Mom undresses Megan, and Megan returns the favor. You’ve got a spectacular MILF body (turns out mom has big, dick-hardening tits), and a delicious teen body right in front of your eyes. The therapist says, “Dad, why don’t you stand up and embrace these two beautiful women that you share your home with…” Oh, she’s definitely getting off on this!

I don’t want to spoil the actual action, because that’s for you to watch and to fap to, but yeah, the therapist gets her way, and the family has a very intense threesome on her couch while she watches closely. There are 16 other scenarios for you to explore on the site, and you can stream or download them without limit. Get your discount right now and enjoy these perverted, top-quality scenes for a low price. You’ll have a blast!

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